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About E-Rich Coin
A New World Is Coming

The time of playing hot potato with countless other coins is over. Now, a new journey beckons from beyond the veil of the known – a journey into the higher vibrations of existence, into the Fifth Dimension.

E-rich Coin is here to lead the way. Born from a vision of greater unity and higher consciousness, E-rich Coin is an instrument of spiritual empowerment, launched quietly, committed to pure, decentralized energy, and for the people, always.

Fuelled by the empowering force of our collective spirit, E-rich Coin is your key to embrace the higher frequencies of love, unity, and consciousness that the Fifth Dimension represents. Join us, let E-rich Coin guide you on this transformative journey.

How To Buy E-rich Coin


Stumbling upon this site was no accident, it’s a cosmic nudge signaling your readiness to ascend to greater vibrational heights. You’re on the brink of a transformation, about to join the E-rich Coin community in its journey towards the Fifth Dimension. Follow the steps below, and unlock the door to this extraordinary journey.

Set up

a Wallet

Download MetaMask or your preferred digital wallet from the App Store or Google Play Store. For desktop users, visit to download the Google Chrome extension.


Some ETH

You’ll need some ETH in your wallet. If you don’t already possess ETH, you can purchase directly on MetaMask, transfer from another wallet, or buy from another exchange and then send it to your wallet.


To Uniswap

Navigate to on Google Chrome or via the browser within your MetaMask app. Connect your wallet to Uniswap and paste the $E-RICH token address. Select E-Rich Coin and confirm the transaction. When MetaMask requests a wallet signature, provide it.


for E-RICH

Swap your ETH for $E-RICH. Our coin has no transaction fees, so there’s no need to worry about specific slippage. However, during periods of market volatility, you may need to adjust slippage levels.
Love. Manifestation. Unity.

Pure Vibes, No Distractions. It’s that smooth.

88% of E-rich Coins were directed straight into the liquidity pool, LP tokens incinerated, and contract renounced. The remaining 12% resides in a multi-sig wallet, its purpose solely to fund future centralized exchange listings, bridges, and additional liquidity pools. Easily traceable, this wallet lives under the ENS name “erichcoin.eth”.

Ready for the new world?
We manifest
We Vibrate
with love
we Transcend
We foster
  • Public Sale
  • CEX
  • Marketing
210,000,000,000 E-RICH Tokens - Total Supply
184,800,000,000 E-RICH Tokens - Public Sale
21,000,000,000 E-RICH Tokens - CEX Listings
4,200,000,000 E-RICH Tokens - Marketing